Ranting from the train (MRT)

It’s Vesak Day and it is a public holiday here in Singapore. The thing is, it has no concern to me as it is public holiday everyday to me since I’m currently unemployed.

Met up with my secondary school buddy last night at Holland Village and had a few thoughts provoking conversations which led me to have something else to look forward to. I miss working life and couldn’t wait to start on a job. In fact, I miss the power of spending.

I guess my body has a way to tell me that it would rain this morning. My joints were all sore and it was hard to fall asleep. And the Viber conversation I had with the ex-boyfriend from England made falling asleep a challenge as I hung up feeling angry, and that my Chinese belief in zodiac readings being disrespected. But he was a gentleman to call and apologise so that I sleep in peace. How sweet huh?

Didn’t sleep much as alarm was set to wake me up at 8am. Not sure if it was challenging for me or the alarm clock to wake me up. I’m thankful I have an ultimate alam clock – my mother.

I’m doing this entry while on the way to meet some volunteers for discussion. I’m 30 minus behind time. I blamed the rain which delayed everything.

Yawn. Two more stations to my destinations. WordPress has kept me well occupied

Have a good day everyone.


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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2 Responses to Ranting from the train (MRT)

  1. Alarm clocks should be illegal. Our bodies operate much better on natural rhythms. Have a great day

    • Sammie Leo says:

      Yeah I get what you mean. I paid for an alarm app on my iPhone which makes use of natural sounds as alarm.

      Have a good day too!

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