Almost 6 weeks

I’m having such great time that I’m getting lazier than before.

Life’s been good. First three weeks of constant partying and drinking (almost) every night, and hitting down to the beach during day time on Lanta, Krabi. Oh, not forgetting to mention catching beautiful sunsets every day!

IMG_1924 STD_2279 IMG_1266


I was living quite a luxurious life while I was on Lanta. Of course I wasn’t leading a life like a Queen, but I had a very nice room with AC that had a mini fridge, television, double bed, attached bathroom, a large two doors wardrobe, a dressing table as well as mini balcony. I paid 300baht a night, which is about SGD$13 per night. To get such good price, you’ll have to be staying for a long period of time such as 3 weeks or more. Otherwise, expect to pay min 500 baht for such room. Of course, rooms which are near to the beach cost a lot more than this. In my previous trips to the island, I stayed at the bungalow huts near to the beach and pay 500 bath, but that’s just with a fan and attached bathroom, and tight space.

See, the problem with me every time when I travel is that I worry a lot on the transportation to the destination, and always left out accommodation. Trip to Lanta was  decided on a last minute, hence I had some slight issues with my accommodation. Couldn’t book a room at all at the place I used to stay in, hence gotten myself a room at where my friends were staying. Room was booked through a friend. Now, trip to Bangkok wasn’t decided on last minute, but I decided to fly instead of taking the mini-van as I would be sharing a private taxi with three other friends if I were to fly to Bangkok. I booked myself for a seat on the plane just a day before departure. And I was busy partying and having fun, I totally forgot that I would need a bed to sleep when I arrive Bangkok. The idea of spending the night at the airport did crossed my mind, but thought of having to sleep on hard cold dirty floors… Nah!  I’m thankful I have a friend who runs a budget hostel that’s just located outside the busy area of Bangkok, tucked away in a corner of the streets where all locals are…

Moved on to Bangkok after that, bade farewell to friends on island as well as the drinks and hangovers. Said hello to roadside stalls’ food in Bangkok and ate almost non-stop for a week. Besides having satisfied taste buds and orgasm from the food porn, I also spent one night being a regular patron at the toilet as well. Would I take the risk and do it again? YES!

IMAG2381IMAG2438 IMAG2406

Spent a week in Bangkok and had to “pause” my holiday for a while as I had to make a trip to Malaysia for the Tomb Sweeping (Qing Ming) Festive. Again, I booked the plane ticket on a Monday at 8.30am and the plane was departing in the afternoon at 2.05pm. Why? Cos  train tickets from Bangkok to Butterworth were all fully booked for the whole week. I had wanted to arrive Penang on a Thursday but when I checked the airfare online, Monday had the cheapest fare. The fare be 2x more expensive for any thing that’s after Monday.

So, I arrived Penang earlier than expected. Tomb Sweeping starts on Thursday. My uncle drove us down south to KL and we spent our days there until Sunday. We were back in North by Sunday evening. Got back to Penang on Sunday late night.

Come Mon morning, I texted my cousin and begged him to bring me around. Anywhere except staying in the house. Even if going to a shopping mall would be fun! So we watched a show on first day and also spent the day eating. And the next day was spent walking around George Town looking for the streets arts. We were so tired and feeling so warm from all the walks, I decided we should have ice cold desserts. As you may have already guessed, spent the rest of the day eating again….

IMG_0020 IMG_0062 IMG_0064 IMG_0103 IMG_0127 IMG_0135

Gonna be two weeks spent here in Penang. And I think I should scoot out of here. Will be getting myself a ticket to Hatyai, then to Bangkok and then I will decide. Will most probably celebrate Songkran in Bangkok. We’ll see. I can’t decide early. I’m used to making last minute decisions.

Do I miss home? Yes, a few times. I miss the safety of Singapore and also the comfort of being at a place I feel so at ease and comfortable with.

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