The long journey

Is this fear?

I though it may be this way.
I could see the eagle soar. It’s been calling out for me.
It feels good to be high up here.
Looking far ahead, the view is breathtaking.
All the pain that I’ve went through was worth it.

Looking down, what lay beneath my feet look so distant and past,
Yet the journey etched so hard in my memories.
And a fear develops.
It’s so high up here.
What’s gonna happen if I fall?
Why did I come so far up in the first place?

I look up again.
The fluffy white clouds in then blue skies seems so comfy
I took a deep breath, the air feels so fresh which made me feel like my lungs pierced.
I can’t breath. It hurts to breath. I’m feeling giddy.
I’m gonna faint. But I see the clouds smiling, and the eagle is calling out my name again.

I think, I gotta take that step and move on again.


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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