About Sammie

Last few words of a 20 something…

The title of the blog tells it all – I’m turning 30 this year.

And being someone who’s getting old (and maybe senile soon), I thought it would be a good plattform to start documenting down my rants so that I can have a good laugh reading it again when I’m wearing my grey hair.

Again, I thought that a photo will always be a good start to sharea story.. hence decided to make this a photoblog, and also at the same time to maintain a Project 365 (APAD – A Photo A Day)… There won’t be 365 photos within the one year period.. cos I’m a lazy bum at times.

All photos posted on this blog are of my own and are not meant to be used without my authorised permission. H0wever, if you really really like one of the photos and would want to repost or share, please give me  credit and link your article / post to my blog – http://thirtyobe.wordpress.com . Any other usage, please drop me a friendly email at samantha.leo@gmail.com. I don’t bite.

2 Responses to About Sammie

  1. Uh…I’m not sure you want to associate the 30s with senility if you want to grow your readership. 😛 The photos are amazing. I wish I had your magic eye.

    Lessons From My 30s:

  2. Sammie Leo says:


    Thank you.

    When senility eventually get to me, I probably forgot I have a blog. That reminds me, I have a photo that I want to post in a bit.

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