Insert Name

As I grow older, I become less sociable. I don’t hang out with friends, unless there is a gathering. Most of the time, I prefer to be alone, if not I will only be with the same group of friends. I am very careful with who I hang out with cos I can’t deal with nonsense like my younger days.

During a gathering, someone will somehow bring up this question “Hey, are you in touch with <insert name> ?”

Or someone will somehow come up with something like “Hey, do you know that <insert name> is / have / went to … bla bla bla?”

My usual reply was “Who is <insert name> ? Don’t know, don’t care.”

That can be quite a cocky respond.

Not that I have forgotten , but I really don’t care much. The source of information of <Insert name> usually comes from Facebook. Over the years of using Facebook, I’ve learn that people only post what they want you to gossip see onto social media.

This morning, I was browsing through feeds of  video of cute and stupid animals playing with hammocks and swings, I came a cross a name and I wondered, who the fuck is this? I tapped on the name  and it brought me to the profile and I scanned through all the profile pictures and photos (CSI mode on) – Ok, this person looks familiar. I know this person but I don’t know this person. A tap on the “Mutual friends” – Ah.. I see.  Someone whom I’ve met 8 years ago and never seen after that.

I think my age is really catching up. My memory is failing slowly. Dear friends, please drop me a message on my mobile phone once in a while so that I remember you, or we should hang out once in a while. Please don’t let us become another <insert name>.

That said, this new year, new Cock Year, I wanna be very careful in picking the right cock friends to hang out with, so that I will have lesser cock-up friendships.

Happy Cock Year. May you have many cocky moments!




About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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