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The long journey

Is this fear? I though it may be this way. I could see the eagle soar. It’s been calling out for me. It feels good to be high up here. Looking far ahead, the view is breathtaking. All the pain … Continue reading

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It is right there!!

Can you see it?! It is right there!! Sometimes, we go round in circles to search for what we want but we failed to stop and observe that what we want could possibly be just right in front. This photo … Continue reading

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Don’t let our corals become coal!

  I NEED YOUR HELP SAVE KOH LANTA!   Koh Lanta is like a second home to me, where I travel to at least once a year to meet up with friends I care about, and also spend some quality … Continue reading

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Children of the temples

Children of the temples I met them while doing my temple tour in Ang Kor Wat area. They won’t hesitate to pose for your camera. And once you’re done with your photo taking, they will give you their sweetest smile … Continue reading

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Are you an arrogant traveler?

Being here in China for a month is different from being away from home traveling in Thailand for a month. I’m restricted to a lot of things because I have this responsibility – work. While I miss the food and … Continue reading

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Hello From Nanjing, again!

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last made an entry here. Many times I wanted to log into WP app on my iPhone to do an entry, but the thought of typing a lengthy post on a small … Continue reading

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Hello from Nanjing!

Am supposed to be asleep two hours ago but I’m just having a hard time falling asleep! So here I’m trying to make an entry from my iPhone as I tried loading WordPress on website on my laptop but it … Continue reading

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