Yours Sincerely, really?

There are those who genuinely wanted to help, and there are those who help in exchange for some other benefits.

Nothing wrong with either one, mind you. Both are still help given to the person who needed it.

But what I am looking for is that sincerity.

I’ve heard many people or friends who said this to me – they signed up for the volunteer program cos they need to clock the hours.

I remember signing up for a volunteer initiative for a company. Our job was to go around the retailers to help clean up the shop front, so it involved a lot of moving of stock and cleaning. Basically, sweating ourselves out and dirtying our hands.

It was a job that require at least 6 pax, however due to the low sign up rates, we only had 4 in  every team – so this means we are short-handed.

And there was this man – who would stand in one corner doing almost next to nothing. He would take the easiest task and be on his mobile phone most of the time. I asked, why did he sign up for the program? His response was he needed to do it to show to his boss but he has no interest at all.

That made my blood boil. This is where i would be so mad and I start to question his existence.

So, which one is you? The one who genuinely want to help, or the one who help in exchange for something?

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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