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Conversation with a 22 year old good looking Swedish

I was heading home and decided I should get myself a peanut butter waffle as I need to take my meds. Therefore, I needed to have food. The bakery I was going to is known for their waffles and there … Continue reading

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Oh, the 30!

2013 has been very exciting. I must say, it is much more exciting than the first time I travelled alone overseas. And yes, in different corners of my life, I was greeted with fears and uncertainties like those I faced … Continue reading

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Hello From Nanjing, again!

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last made an entry here. Many times I wanted to log into WP app on my iPhone to do an entry, but the thought of typing a lengthy post on a small … Continue reading

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Candy Crush Saga

Apologies. I’ve been lazy, buzy, distracted.  Well. I’ve been busy and distracted.  If you’ve played or are playing Candy Crush, you’ll know why I get distracted. I’ve to say this game is addictive and also frustrating at the same time, … Continue reading

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I did a “MM” this morning

I just wanna whine a little. I was supposed to be in bed by midnight. But it wasn’t until 6am that I finally decided to have some sleep. I was very affected by what went on in one of the … Continue reading

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With my eyes closed. I thought hard. And they are opened now. Staring at the ceiling. The silence in the room. It is so annoying. The air. Smelt of yesterday’s. Eyes closed again. And I wondered.   Why can’t I … Continue reading

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Readjustment in the making!

A slight improvement in my bio-clock. I went to sleep at around four this morning and was up at ten in the morning. Well, I had to force myself out of bed as I was running late. 6 hours of … Continue reading

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