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Conversation with a 22 year old good looking Swedish

I was heading home and decided I should get myself a peanut butter waffle as I need to take my meds. Therefore, I needed to have food. The bakery I was going to is known for their waffles and there … Continue reading

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Conversation with a 5 years old intruder

I was seated at a corner having my own Fan Choy, minding my own business. Across me was the cashier where a mother was paying for a Lian Rong bun for her son, who seems to be  3 -5 years old. The mother was … Continue reading

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CV High Elements Afterthought

Spent the whole of yesterday (Sunday) out with the youths and adult volunteers from Camp Vision at Shines Adventures. The first part of the day was spent imparting skills on how to facilitate discussion and activities. I love how some of the … Continue reading

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Another one up in this concrete jungle

In Tarzan’s world, he will swing from tree to tree and even if he has fallen, he would have the big leaves and thick bushes of greens to cushion his fall and not kill him. Try swinging from building to … Continue reading

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