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Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye!

Last year, I had the opportunity to chair the 10th camp for CampVision. It was a successful and impactful camp. Someone texted me this evening telling me he bumped into a youth who went to the camp last year and … Continue reading

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Worst week ever.

This has been a bad week. And it seems like this week is testing my level of patience and optimism. To hell what it is.  I say, come what may. And I will wipe you out one by one. But … Continue reading

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Day #21: I’m thinking of Boracay

I’ve been hit by a flu bug again. Last flu I had was two weeks ago. I hope I won’t have it again so soon once I recover from this round. I’ve been quiet. I’m not as active on Facebook … Continue reading

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Day 14: It’s been two weeks

It’s been two weeks since we last kissed each other goodbye at airport but it feels like it has been ages. I skipped updating Day 13 as I spent the whole day sleeping away taking my well needed rest. I’m … Continue reading

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Day 12 – I may need a new scale.

Stepped on the weighing scale last night and I gained yet another 1kg! At the rate im gaining weight, I may need a new weighing scale soon. I blame it on the buffet meals that I’ve been having lately with … Continue reading

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Day 11 – Turning away from the Facebook

Set myself a challenge to not be on Facebook for at least a month. A few reasons for doing so: 1. To be more socially involved in person. I’ve tried this before and what im doing is salvaging friendships that … Continue reading

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