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Taking a break

Due to an unexpected relapse of my spine injury, I cut short my holiday and returned home to Singapore on Monday┬ájust so that I can visit my chiropractor for a treatment. It has gone so bad that every step I … Continue reading

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Back on Koh Lanta

I was in Phuket to meet my friends who were there for their holiday. Phuket is a holiday destination and people are there just to enjoy. I ditched my “travel on shoestring” idea and spent my time there like a … Continue reading

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Bus trip from Siem Reap

I’m seated on the bus that was told to us that it would depart at 2.30am. Time now is 3.13am and the fact that I’m still accessing wifi, it means I’m still waiting for it to depart. Have read so … Continue reading

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Siem Reap: Beautiful and yet depressing

I decided to head out to experience the night life in this city. Was out at 10.30pm to look for food. Food ranges from as cheap as USD$2-USD$7, depends on where you eat. I picked a street stall round the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Siem Reap!

“Suis-day!” Is the Cambodian greetings. I’ve arrived safe and sound in Siem Reap, and also found myself a really nice budget hotel. Before leaving Bangkok, I was sharing with my new friends that I would book myself a nice place … Continue reading

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Another train ride within 15hrs

I am ever so thankful to the wonders of technology of this era, otherwise I won’t be able to be blogging while on the road! Im such a tech lover! Here I am, seated on the train again within 15hrs … Continue reading

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10baht (RM1/S$0.43) glass noodle (hor fun)

Train made a quick stop at Petchaburi. The Thail lady dashed through the coach doors to another side. One min later, she came back with a railway food seller holding a tray. His tray had boxes stacked up. Ah.. He … Continue reading

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