Readjustment in the making!

A slight improvement in my bio-clock. I went to sleep at around four this morning and was up at ten in the morning. Well, I had to force myself out of bed as I was running late.

6 hours of sleep plus a long day is a good combination to help in readjusting my bio clock to normal timing. I think I will be in bed by midnight tonight.

Part of the morning was spent rushing to meet a friend who have volunteered to run the session with the youths at the centre, part of the afternoon was spent with the youths and the other part catching up with a friend whom I’ve not met for months.

I’m thankful the birthday celebration of two friends was called off as I could feel my energy level drop to almost zero when the sun set.

I’ve turned down a few friend’s invitations to parties in town tonight for two reasons. One was I don’t want to come home drunk and the other one was I’m unemployed, and it is high time I watch my expenses since I won’t be having any income for the coming few months.

But it doesn’t stop me from having one or two beers at home myself.

Have a good weekend folks.

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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