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Day 14: It’s been two weeks

It’s been two weeks since we last kissed each other goodbye at airport but it feels like it has been ages. I skipped updating Day 13 as I spent the whole day sleeping away taking my well needed rest. I’m … Continue reading

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The long journey

Is this fear? I though it may be this way. I could see the eagle soar. It’s been calling out for me. It feels good to be high up here. Looking far ahead, the view is breathtaking. All the pain … Continue reading

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This is Love

The breeze carried our secret And The time slowed down just for us The leaves rattled on And I could smell the flowers in the air I wondered why the sweetness in my cup of water And something whispered in … Continue reading

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My life is still not good. I’m still making it better.

Running the “For Camp” playlist, clearing emails for “work”, feeling positive, awesome and excited that 2013 is coming to an end soon. I remembered Jan 2013, I was very unhappy. I was angry and upset with lots of things that … Continue reading

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Three days of joy and comfort.

We were barely together for three days. It took me half a day to realise you were gone. I was so happy on the first day because you felt so right. And you brought joy and comfort to me. Who … Continue reading

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O mighty mind!

It must be the man I bumped into this noon. No, must be the cat on the streets. Or the dress I’m gonna wear this sat. The ending of Ender’s Game. Maybe it’s the upcoming trip to china. Nope, doubt … Continue reading

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Conversation with a 22 year old good looking Swedish

I was heading home and decided I should get myself a peanut butter waffle as I need to take my meds. Therefore, I needed to have food. The bakery I was going to is known for their waffles and there … Continue reading

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