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Conversation with a 22 year old good looking Swedish

I was heading home and decided I should get myself a peanut butter waffle as I need to take my meds. Therefore, I needed to have food. The bakery I was going to is known for their waffles and there … Continue reading

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Running away

Dug a note out that I wrote to myself almost four years ago (how time flies). The fact that I could still recall I wrote such note meant that It was very impactful, and it still is even reading it … Continue reading

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Oh, the 30!

2013 has been very exciting. I must say, it is much more exciting than the first time I travelled alone overseas. And yes, in different corners of my life, I was greeted with fears and uncertainties like those I faced … Continue reading

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Either time heals, or our memory fails as we age.

Out catching up with a good buddy. We were talking about how drunk he was during one of the nights many years ago, and we both wondered why he was so upset that night till the extent he had to … Continue reading

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What’s inside?

Sometimes we just have a glimpse of the overall and we start making judgement. And we assumed whatever we like to assume. I’m reminded again today, to look inside and appreciate what’s beneath.

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