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The long journey

Is this fear? I though it may be this way. I could see the eagle soar. It’s been calling out for me. It feels good to be high up here. Looking far ahead, the view is breathtaking. All the pain … Continue reading

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It is right there!!

Can you see it?! It is right there!! Sometimes, we go round in circles to search for what we want but we failed to stop and observe that what we want could possibly be just right in front. This photo … Continue reading

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Children of the temples

Children of the temples I met them while doing my temple tour in Ang Kor Wat area. They won’t hesitate to pose for your camera. And once you’re done with your photo taking, they will give you their sweetest smile … Continue reading

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Where’s this eye from?

I typed a few sentences here. In fact, paragraphs. Then I hit “backspace”, cleared up the text editor and I stared at the screen. My brain’s been fried. I can’t think of anything. So I’m just gonna post a photo … Continue reading

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Welcome to Siem Reap!

“Suis-day!” Is the Cambodian greetings. I’ve arrived safe and sound in Siem Reap, and also found myself a really nice budget hotel. Before leaving Bangkok, I was sharing with my new friends that I would book myself a nice place … Continue reading

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