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Wow, it’s 15 days after 2013!

Wow! Can’t believe it is the 15th day of 2014!! Time’s moving so fast, way faster than me getting out of my bed this morning! I’ve been away on holiday (again) since 22 Dec last year till two days ago! … Continue reading

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Children of the temples

Children of the temples I met them while doing my temple tour in Ang Kor Wat area. They won’t hesitate to pose for your camera. And once you’re done with your photo taking, they will give you their sweetest smile … Continue reading

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Where’s this eye from?

I typed a few sentences here. In fact, paragraphs. Then I hit “backspace”, cleared up the text editor and I stared at the screen. My brain’s been fried. I can’t think of anything. So I’m just gonna post a photo … Continue reading

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Frisbee on beach

If only my luck now is good like it was at the point of taking this shot with my iPhone 3Gs. Picture taken on Koh Lanta, Long beach with my friends who were playing frisbee. I didn’t see the frisbee … Continue reading

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Train Ride in Bangkok

Not much of inspirations these days to write on travel stuff. Maybe I need to travel to get more inspiration? I swear when I was traveling in Thailand, I had so much to write but it was so tough to … Continue reading

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Back on Koh Lanta

I was in Phuket to meet my friends who were there for their holiday. Phuket is a holiday destination and people are there just to enjoy. I ditched my “travel on shoestring” idea and spent my time there like a … Continue reading

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Siem Reap: Beautiful and yet depressing

I decided to head out to experience the night life in this city. Was out at 10.30pm to look for food. Food ranges from as cheap as USD$2-USD$7, depends on where you eat. I picked a street stall round the … Continue reading

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