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The long journey

Is this fear? I though it may be this way. I could see the eagle soar. It’s been calling out for me. It feels good to be high up here. Looking far ahead, the view is breathtaking. All the pain … Continue reading

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Running away

Dug a note out that I wrote to myself almost four years ago (how time flies). The fact that I could still recall I wrote such note meant that It was very impactful, and it still is even reading it … Continue reading

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Senseless rants

Wish my fingers and nose are of Samantha’s, With a snap, things that annoy me vanish in the thin air. With a twitch, I remove myself from anywhere that’s annoying. Oh, the feel of running away has snowballed into the … Continue reading

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MOV 2013 – What’s behind the masks?

I’ve been away from CampVision‘s activities for quite a while due to work and personal commitment. Knowing that I’ll be away for the next few months, I’ve decided to turn up at one of the activities – MOV (Ministry of … Continue reading

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