I’m not your necessity.

One of those usual nights where I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep.

And my mind wandered off from almost everything to nothing. I felt pain in my body and my soul.

I had the urge to scream. And I did. I grabbed the pillow so hard as though I was going to rip it apart, I let out a silent yell into the pillow.

I’ve been a toilet paper to too many people in my life. I’m useful only when you need to shit and not needed when you ain’t shitting.

Or that 3G / 4G service you should at least have on your smart phone.

I’m gonna remove your toilet paper and 3G service from your life. F*ck you.

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Progress Check – FAIL.

Wow. Last entry dated 28 March. 

Where have I been? 

What happened to the desire to want to update this blog daily? 

I’ve been too busy with other’s lives that I neglected my own. 


There are just too many things that I’ve set early this year to accomplish and doing a progress check, I’m at 0% – 10% accomplishment.

Bad girl, Sammie. 



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Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye!

Last year, I had the opportunity to chair the 10th camp for CampVision. It was a successful and impactful camp. Someone texted me this evening telling me he bumped into a youth who went to the camp last year and he was sharing with alot of his school mate how CampVision has empowered, enlightened and inspired him.

This year, I have the opportunity to perform with a a group of youths from the camp who willingly share their stories through stage production.

The theme for this year is “Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye”.

A youth at risk in my younger days, being lost and confused most of the time, and had no one to listen to my story, I would now love to plea to you (again) to come spend the afternoon with us and hear their story. All they wanted is someone to hear, and also a platform for them to share, let go and move on.


The ticket is at $10 each and all ticket sales goes to cover the expenses and venue rental. There are three time slots,
2pm, 3pm and 8pm (family) on 20th April 2014.

Pls email me at Samantha.leo@gmail.com if you like to come support us.

do spread this around!


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Worst week ever.

This has been a bad week.

And it seems like this week is testing my level of patience and optimism.

To hell what it is. 

I say, come what may.

And I will wipe you out one by one.

But seriously, all I’m wishing for now is let no more surprises come.






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Day #21: I’m thinking of Boracay

I’ve been hit by a flu bug again. Last flu I had was two weeks ago. I hope I won’t have it again so soon once I recover from this round.

I’ve been quiet. I’m not as active on Facebook as before. I don’t reply to text messages as promptly as before. I don’t check my phone for text messages or missed calls so often. I don’t hang out with friends regularly like before. I stop minding others business as well.

I spend more time at home resting, reading, thinking, cooking, getting my hands back on arts, and training my vocals. I spend more time with myself doing things I enjoy.

I’m starting a new life. I think. Or it is just a temporary phase I’m going through?

I’m thinking of visiting Boracay one of these days. Would a 3D2N trip be sufficient? Hit the comment button! Thank you!

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Day 14: It’s been two weeks

It’s been two weeks since we last kissed each other goodbye at airport but it feels like it has been ages.

I skipped updating Day 13 as I spent the whole day sleeping away taking my well needed rest.

I’m glad I’ve volunteered myself at CampVision and once again, I had the opportunity to spend an evening with passionate volunteers (who became good friends in life) to discuss what we can do to help inspire and empower a group of youths-at-risks.

It has also come to a point that I will stop being mindful about counting each and update as and when I feel like. I also know that I will carry on to miss you but yet it is essential for me have a life and do things that I like, hang out with my own friends and in that way, I have stories to share when we eventually meet.

(Belated) Happy International Women Day!!


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Day 12 – I may need a new scale.

Stepped on the weighing scale last night and I gained yet another 1kg!

At the rate im gaining weight, I may need a new weighing scale soon.

I blame it on the buffet meals that I’ve been having lately with my friends and at work.

There’s input and no output. I guess I’ve to put on my trainers someday and run a few rounds.

yay! It is March! 9 months to Koh Lanta!

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