Phase 1: Booking the ticket

It is raining cats and dogs while I am typing this. If this goes on for another 10 hours, we will all have to start rowing to get out of here.

It has been so long since I’ve danced my fingers on a keyboard. I thought I would have forgotten how to use a keyboard but it doesn’t seem to be the case. How lucky I am!

Typing feels so good, but not as good as writing on the papers with a pencil. I love to hear the sound of the pencil making its marks on the paper. Then again, I love the sound of the finger tapping against on the keyboard’s keys. Alright, I know, I know, I am hard to please!

A belated Happy New Year to you! Way too belated.  A happy Saturday to you! So where do I begin?

(Still can’t believe) It has been four months since my last entry! I’ve been left busy ever since then until last week. So I thought I should start being diligent again to update this blog.

Currently, I’m looking into booking my flight to UK, and then sell some stuffs away at home, and pack my stuffs, say my goodbyes to the people I love and then leave this place to reunite with the love of my life in UK.

Anyways, I will update again once the ticket is booked.



p.s: Apologies for the abrupt ending to the entry. I need to pee.

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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