Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye!

Last year, I had the opportunity to chair the 10th camp for CampVision. It was a successful and impactful camp. Someone texted me this evening telling me he bumped into a youth who went to the camp last year and he was sharing with alot of his school mate how CampVision has empowered, enlightened and inspired him.

This year, I have the opportunity to perform with a a group of youths from the camp who willingly share their stories through stage production.

The theme for this year is “Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye”.

A youth at risk in my younger days, being lost and confused most of the time, and had no one to listen to my story, I would now love to plea to you (again) to come spend the afternoon with us and hear their story. All they wanted is someone to hear, and also a platform for them to share, let go and move on.


The ticket is at $10 each and all ticket sales goes to cover the expenses and venue rental. There are three time slots,
2pm, 3pm and 8pm (family) on 20th April 2014.

Pls email me at Samantha.leo@gmail.com if you like to come support us.

do spread this around!


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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