Day #21: I’m thinking of Boracay

I’ve been hit by a flu bug again. Last flu I had was two weeks ago. I hope I won’t have it again so soon once I recover from this round.

I’ve been quiet. I’m not as active on Facebook as before. I don’t reply to text messages as promptly as before. I don’t check my phone for text messages or missed calls so often. I don’t hang out with friends regularly like before. I stop minding others business as well.

I spend more time at home resting, reading, thinking, cooking, getting my hands back on arts, and training my vocals. I spend more time with myself doing things I enjoy.

I’m starting a new life. I think. Or it is just a temporary phase I’m going through?

I’m thinking of visiting Boracay one of these days. Would a 3D2N trip be sufficient? Hit the comment button! Thank you!


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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