Day 11 – Turning away from the Facebook

Set myself a challenge to not be on Facebook for at least a month.

A few reasons for doing so:

1. To be more socially involved in person. I’ve tried this before and what im doing is salvaging friendships that I value alot. I’ve lost touch with a friend from childhood as we got busy with our own lives. Everything was updated via Facebook. When we finally meet, there was a sense of awkwardness on speaking face to face. I don’t want to be that keyboard chatter anymore.

2. Spend the FaceBook-Ing time on reading some other websites which may be more informative. For eg., Wikipedia. Well, my time spent on search engines and other informative sites like BBC News has increased and it was good because the I could use the information I’ve gathered to hold conversations with my customers who are from all over the world. It made me looked more intelligent.

3. Too much soap stories on my news feed and Im too retarded to know how to switch it off in my settings. Having said that, I would want to spend more time here on WP with my soap stories as well.

4. Looks cool as well when im commuting on train and my screen doesn’t show FaceBook app likes most others.

Alright, honestly, im taking myself away for a while to see if my life would be affected by the absence of social media.

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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One Response to Day 11 – Turning away from the Facebook

  1. I don’t see the appeal with Facebook that I once did. It is too political, too many silly quizzes, pictures, etc., and too much drama. I have pulled way back from Facebook. I still like it for seeing pictures of my friends’ kids and grand kids or about their life or travels. WP has given me my outlet.

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