Conversation with a 5 years old intruder

I was seated at a corner having my own Fan Choy, minding my own business.

Across me was the cashier where a mother was paying for a Lian Rong bun for her son, who seems to be  3 -5 years old.

The mother was waiting for her change.

The boy moved his way towards me. And before I knew it, he planted himself in the chair opposite me, with his arms on the table, he cupped his face with both his hands and looked at me with the sweetest smile I’ve seen for the day.

Boy: Hello! What are you eating?

Me: Oh hello!I’m having fan choy

Boy: What are you eating?

Me: Well, it is rice with a little bit of char siew and a quarter of hard-boiled egg…  (Yeah, kinda too much of explanation for a young boy)

Boy: Oh. I like that. It looks delicious.
(He removed his hands from his face and hold on to his bun).

Me: So what are you having?

Boy: I’m eating Lian Rong Bun. Do you know what it is?

Me: Yes, it is very sweet and the filling is blackish color.

Boy: Yes! How did you know?! I love this!

He took a bite of the bun and gave me a very blessed look. He told me his name is Samuel and he asked what’s mine. Upon learning my name, he squealed! 


His mum joined us and when she sat down, Samuel said “Mum, this is Samantha, you can call her Sam.” 

I later found out he is five years old and is in K1. He finds K2 graduation and overly hyped issues. I had to leave as I had an appointment. And he said “see you next Wednesday here ok, Sam?” 

I smiled and said “See you when I see you.”







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