Conversation with a 22 year old good looking Swedish

I was heading home and decided I should get myself a peanut butter waffle as I need to take my meds. Therefore, I needed to have food.

The bakery I was going to is known for their waffles and there were about 7 ahead of me in the queue.

I joined the queue, dreadful of the wait as the guy  at the start of the queue was buying 6 waffles.

One tall, good looking guy, with the blondest hair I’ve ever seen, and eyes so blue that I thought he was wearing contact lens joined  behind me.

And so we started chatting.

“Hello there. Is this really good? I’ve been observing this bakery and the queue doesn’t seem to stop.”

“Oh yeah. they are famous for their waffles.”

And so, we carried on the chat. I thought I saw a wink when I mentioned I was going to have peanut butter.

He asked me for my number and said would be good if we can be friends.

I politely declined. Felt weird. Plus, he’s 22 years old coming to SG for four months on an exchange program. And four months later, he’s gonna get his ass back to Sweden.
Too young, and too far (4 months later). And I’m not the short-term-fun type.

And now, I regret. I don’t mind having such a good looking friend! Darn


I find it amusing that I had 2 different conversation with 2 person so different and I enjoyed both the conversation. Despite being so sick, it’s a good day. I thank the one up there for keeping me blessed. 

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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