Senseless rants

Wish my fingers and nose are of Samantha’s,
With a snap, things that annoy me vanish in the thin air.
With a twitch, I remove myself from anywhere that’s annoying.

Oh, the feel of running away has snowballed into the size of the universe,
Without my realisation.

My legs are running so fast, so fast on the same spot.
And oh! How many circles have I ran in?

The silence gets too loud, they seem to say so many things.
Too many objects talking at the same time, nobody listens to that voice.

Sometimes I get so mad that I scream, and when I scream, it gets engulfed by the silence.

My head spins, I think. Or is the world spinning too fast for me?

Or I should stop spinning?


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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