Oh, the 30!

2013 has been very exciting. I must say, it is much more exciting than the first time I travelled alone overseas. And yes, in different corners of my life, I was greeted with fears and uncertainties like those I faced when I first had to eat a fried cricket. I concluded, excitement always come with fears and uncertainties.

Just celebrated my 30th (and still celebrating) with my good friends.

Just a week before the birthday, reality started to sink in that I was turning 30 and I started to panic. What was the panic for? I panicked because there’s so much that has happened, and so much that has yet to happen! I couldn’t keep still. There were so many wild thoughts going on in my head. There were so many “WHAT IF’s” and “I SHOULD HAVE’s”. I didn’t realise that I was introducing so much fears into myself and also listing out a lot of unnecessary regrets in my life.

I felt like I was slapping myself so hard from left to right, top to down and it was hurting so much inside. That’s the thing about woman. We tend to think too much at times. (Disclaimer: IMHO, that is).

And I looked back to the past decade. And I looked back to the previous big milestone I took in life. I panicked too back then and I looked at myself today, “HEY, I’m surviving and doing way better than before!”

I smiled. And thought through what was it that help keep me sane in the past decade.

1. Your Bitches in life
You can have many friends, but have a few good friends who know your dirtiest secrets, your most embarrassing moments, laughed the hardest with you, spent the less (or most) times with you. These are most likely the same group of friends who’re going to be in your life with you for the next, two or three decades unless you decided to sleep with their spouses, eat their children (if there’s any) or burn their houses down. Otherwise, it really is Friends forever till deaths do us apart.

2. Fall in and out of love
With the way that the society has evolved, we are more likely to be disillusioned that the one we fall in love with will be the last one and will live happily ever after like Snow White and her Prince. But it has proven to me so many time that those men I dated didn’t turn out to be the last. But after every heartbreak, I learned what I want, and what I didn’t want. So fall in and out of loves as many times as you could, suffer as many heartbreaks as you can because when you’re in your 20s, you can afford that. Just make sure you don’t end your life at any break up. Oh, if you get dumped, remember it is ok for you to dump others too! Don’t feel bad about trying to find the right one for yourself!

3. Make your own “Hangover” story
Don’t get too serious in life. Learn to let your hair down and go to parties! Make your own “hangover” story while you’re still in your 20s because the memories will keep you sane when you’re going into your 30s. Plus, balance your life with fun. As the saying goes, you work hard, you play hard. Work-Life Balance.

4. Quit that Job
I’ve seen and heard too many of my friends complaining about their jobs and they got so unhappy with it. The unhappiness from their job over spilt into their personal lives, and eventually it caused break ups. No job should cause much more misery / pain in your life than a paper cut or constipation, unless it is your own business. If we know how to use a plaster for paper cuts, we should also know how to remove ourselves from miseries we meet at work. So, quit that job if you really can’t take it. Give yourself (and your employer) a second chance. It’s all about match-making, meeting the right one.

5. Be a cam-whore
I’ve never really liked my photos to be taken at a part of my life. And that’s my regret because I realised my memory is starting to fail. So photography helps that poor brain a little. Don’t just take photo of the food you’re eating, take photo of you and the food! Don’t be ashamed to ask people to take photo for you, tell them you’re preparing for your memory loss in future! They will be understanding and gladly help shoot you.

6. Get out of your well, TRAVEL!
Don’t be that frog that lives in the well. Get your ass out and travel. Travel doesn’t mean going somewhere far or flying for 18 hours. I haven’t travelled far or to many countries but I believe that each travel opens up one’s mind. The experience you get while you’re traveling is something you couldn’t find in the textbooks. And also, you’ll be amazed by how much you can discovered about yourself (and others) when you travel. Start small, perhaps consider travel to neighbouring countries for the initial.


7. Giving is a gift
Be a hero in someone’s life. Of course I’m not asking you to be Superman. You can’t save the whole world (though there might be a small percentage you could, depending on what you do). Giving is the best gift you can get for yourself. Do volunteer work. Help an old lady to cross the road. Save that cat from the tree. Donate blood. The more you give, the better you feel better about yourself. And the better you feel about yourself, the better you do. And the better you do, the happier you get. The happier you get, the more positive energy you give out, and the more people you influence. It’s a cycle.


Some may wonder, will I change my blog URL to be “FortyToBe”. HAHA! Nope! I’m going to be in my 20s forever. Yes, living in denial.


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