Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you for more than a month. You know I always think of you and have so many things to share with you.. but I never had the chance to because I was too tired to blog, or that I was busy healing from my back injury and couldn’t sit for too long to be typing.

So Blog, I’m now writing this to share with you on what has been happening to me for the past two months.

I was attached to China for 5 weeks for training. It was a culture shock for me during the first week there and the subsequent weeks, I was learning and adapting. I met a lot of wonderful people at work and also very friendly strangers on the streets. Of course, I had my share of nasty encounters as well. There were people who talked so loudly that I couldn’t hear my thoughts in m head, and there were people who were so polite that I felt I could do better.

It was Summer when I arrived and it turned to Autumn when I left.

Just too many things to  share. I know I’ve said many times I will come back later to share with you about my travel stories.. Gimme some time, I’m still adjusting to settle myself down and get accustomed to this new life. And I have MASSIVE LOADS of photos!!

I can still remember when I touched down and stepping out of the arrival hall, my group of volunteer friends were just out there waiting to welcome me home. I will never forget how my friend, Paul shouted “Welcome back” in Cantonese and in such a dramatic manner. I was embarrassed but thankful cos it was something that I will never forget.

And right there, I had my first meeting at the airport with a group of volunteers who share the same passion as me – Empowering Youths. We were meeting to make some important decision that will change the course of our volunteer organisation (CampVision) and the lives of certain number of youths next year.

While I’m typing this, the decision has been made and the exciting plan is in the progress..

And September is the month of weddings as well. Just two days after I got back home, I was at the wedding of my buddy doing emcee for his luncheon.

I was introduced to so many exciting things. And I have so many ideas in my head.

Along with all these exciting thoughts in me and waiting to jump to get things work, I had to have a “slipped disc”. The last I had was four years ago. This time round, it is badder than before. I was forced to be out of action for a lot of things and was bedridden for a week. The past few weeks, I was mildly depressed, and I was so frustrated with my condition that my tears dropped, right at the clinic. It’s been three weeks since and I’m still recovering. I’m thankful for chiropractic otherwise I probably would have killed myself to take away the pain.

The coin will always have two sides. If there’s happiness, there’s sadness.  Deep down, I’m still very hurt by words of someone whom I once hold close to my heart. I brought the pain and disappointment back home with me from China and I’m still learning to let go. The person whom you love the most could be the one who hurts you the most; The person who hurts you the most could be the person who strengthens you the most. 

Oh well. Move on, as my friend tells me. Move on. 

Thank you Blog for hearing me rant.

I’m just gonna be better, be stronger, and be happier.



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