Hello From Nanjing, again!

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last made an entry here.

Many times I wanted to log into WP app on my iPhone to do an entry, but the thought of typing a lengthy post on a small screen just made it less encouraging. This probably is the only reason why I regret not bringing my iPad with me on this trip.

Trip has been extended by two weeks as there are still to many things to be completed for work over here. Have I made use of the extra time here to do more things? For a few reasons, I did not explore much. But I did make sure I make a trip to the place I wanted to go and that’s the Nanjing Massacre Museum doing Japanese Occupation.

There are just too many thoughts that I want to share and it really isn’t going to be easy to write on this platform. I’m made notes in my diary as will so share about why Chinese behave the way they do, and why a lot of people always misunderstood the Chinese as rude and cheap. I may not like some behaviors of the people here but I accept that this is them. Although I’m a Chinese myself, but im brought up in a country thats very different from China. I’m still trying to understand the history as it is the history that affects the culture and society here.

Here’s sharing a few pictures from my trip to the Pearl Spring and the Nanjing Massacre Museum yesterday.

Head of a decapitated male from the Nanjing Massacre during Japanese Occupation

Records of the Nanjing Massacre victims

Spring water from beneath the grounds and bubbles were seen in the water. The bubbles looks a though like pearls, hence the name of Pearl Spring (珍珠泉)

At first I thought the net was used to catch butterflies and dragonflies but I was wrong. These girl said she’s gonna catch a big fish with that!


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