Hello WordPress, again!

It’s exactly one month since I last made an entry here.

I’m back here just to shout “I’m still alive, and kicking!”

I’ve been busy handling my holiday withdrawal syndrome as I’ve started on my new job on 1st July, and also managing a few other exciting volunteer assignments towards the end of June, hence the lack of entries on this blog.

New work is exciting and challenging at the same time. I’m not gonna share about what I do neither am I going to be bitching blogging anything about the work.

I’m currently busy preparing myself for my training in China. I’ll be away from next week for at least a month. And I’ve heard that the province that I’m gonna be visiting is currently at 34°C and it will go as high as 38°C. Currently, the temperature here in Singapore is 32°C.

It’s known to me (and most people) that Google, YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook is banned by the Great FireWall of China. 😦 I’m not sure about WordPress, but if it is not banned, I’ll do some updates of my life in China while I’m there. Else, gonna wait till I’m back in Singapore!

If you’ve any ideas how to get access to Facebook in China, please leave a comment!

Happy Mid-Week folks!


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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4 Responses to Hello WordPress, again!

  1. Have a wonderful trip. I just read Savannah Grace’s book Sihpromatum: I Grew My Boobs in China. (Really, it doesn’t have much to do with growing her boobs). It is a great travel memoir about that region from when she was 15.

    • Sammie Leo says:

      Thanks Pam! Will have a look this weekend!

      Hope you are doing great! Will visit your page this weekend as well!

  2. Wish you safe travel. How the technological giants are banned over there is so interesting. Diana

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