I love/hate Facebook

See, I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. As I have friends and relatives who are overseas, Facebook was a platform for me to stay in touch with them on how are they progressing with their lives out of Singapore.

I added friends from my past schools, past companies, people whom I’ve worked with, party animal friends etc. Basically I only accepted the friend’s requests from people who I’ve met personally. Perhaps only 1% out of the 1629 friends on my list are people whom i have not met in my entire life. Pick anyone on my list and I’m able to share with you how I’ve met him or her.

Looking at the number of friends, I am amazed by the number of people I know. I’m usually active on Facebook updating my status or uploading pictures. I could be sharing a photo of my lunch Kway Chap (Stewed pork innards with flat rice noodles) or checking into Handlebar just so that my friends know it is a cool place to go to. I make sure my friends know what is going on in my life, especially friends who are overseas and communication over phone doesn’t seem to be “convenient”.

I was super active on Facebook while I was travelling. I posted photos of beaches, or the food. It was a form of letting my family members know that I was safe or a way of telling my uncle and aunt it was their mistake of not joining me at Bangkok.

It is odd that my best friend who knows me inside out doesn’t give a hoot about me on Facebook. She prefers us to update each other of our “oh-so-exciting-life” face to face, over coffee or while walking aimlessly in one of the shopping malls along Orchard Road. (Yes, Orchard Road does have a website, my fellow Singaporeans) I’m glad as sometimes ranting off to a friend who would bitched back to you in union is better than typing furiously on the keyboard.

But of late, I’ve grown quiet or rather I should say I’m making an effort to lay low on my Facebook. I‘ve decided that Facebook holds a big group of attention seekers and that I no longer enjoy  the feeds on my Facebook page. It has somehow became a platform for some of my friends who would conveniently use it to whine or to complaint about the most mundane stuff. For eg. The bus was 10 minutes late. I would say “Get a Twitter dude!”
However, I do have some friends who whined or complained with style, and they did with really wicked humor. That’s entertainment!

One evening last week, I spent 4hrs cleaning up my list of friends. I removed people that I’ve only met once in my entire life and that I was pretty sure that our paths will not be crossed again in the future. Those on the removed list are usually people I met when I was living my clubber’s life. Oh, I removed a few as they appeared to be stalking on me for some odd reasons or that they liked every single photo of almost naked women off a page. I shan’t go into details on what happened.  

classic example

This was the most decent photo I took screenshot of.

See the screenshot image above? I was following the news on Malaysia’s General Election since most of my friends were there in Malaysia and were constantly updating the situation in Malaysia on Facebook, and this guy was constantly spamming my news feeds with images like these. Why it showed up? It was Facebook’s way of saying “Hey Samantha, your friend is checking out and wanking to some pics of hot chicks on Hot and Sexy Girls In The World page.” It was nerves wrecking especially when it happened at such a crucial timing when I was following the news of Malaysia GE on Facebook!(The most reliable source of information from friends who were there) I screenshot a few of the feeds and I PM-ed him.

classic example 2

My message to Jackson

Have I considered deactivating my Facebook account? Oh yes but that would means losing all the photos and also it would be impossible for me to manage a few pages on behalf of a few organisations. So I decided, I shall lay low and spend more time on updating my blog. And if I really need to find out how my friends are doing, it doesn’t kill to open up the Facebook and hit straight to their page. 

Alright. I’m done ranting. Feels soooooo awesome!

Note to self: Not to be a irritating attention seeker on Facebook. For example posting an update “What should I have for lunch?” and when people suggested a few choices, my replies would be “Nah, too fattening. Too expensive. Too oily. Etc” Cos if it irritates me, it sure irritates others!


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One Response to I love/hate Facebook

  1. Thanks for the follow, Sam. You liked an old post of mine on a friendship necklace someone made for a friend of mine. I’ve gone through a string of your posts this time. You don’t seem to lead a dull life! You have some great travel pix. This is me and FBk:


    (I have not been active there. I am very busy working on my two blogs.)

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