I Have A Confession

Confessions in a beaker


April 24th 2013


He was going away.


“I’m Leaving New York City. For good.” He said. “…At least I am for now. “



We                         our glasses


Shane, Meg and I. At a restaurant on the lower east side named “Empellon Cocina”


And wished him best of luck at his new job in Chicago! We were really going to miss him. And we were especially going to miss his free fixes of our coffee tables and his drunk purchases of…deviled eggs.


We got our check. Paid it. And eventually Shane asked us if we wanted to stop by his neighborhood bar. Just to see the bartenders. And have a drink. At Toby’s. One.More.Time.



Immediately upon our entrance the bartender reached over the counter and yelled Shane’s name. Told us we were…

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About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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One Response to I Have A Confession

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story Sammie! Really means a lot. Hope it was at least a little bit inspiring (:

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