If only I’m Betwiched’s Samantha..

And so the Singtel technician came down to have a look at my land line and I was hoping that I didn’t have to shift much of the furniture around for the repair. To my delight, I didn’t have move anything much, but not today. He has to come back next to rip the whole cable off and replace with a new one. And that means I have to move away one heavy metal cabinet that’s filled with lots of junks, a coffee table that’s holding a few boxes fulled of unknown items.

Two weeks ago, I was staring at the mess in my own room and told myself ” I need to throw and declutter!” Decluttering my room has always been easy cos all items belonged to me and I can make decisions easily on whether to keep, recycle or throw them away.

The guy is coming back next Wednesday and my schedule is packed till Monday.

I was looking hard at the items that are stored away in cabinets and boxes in my living room, I desperately wished I’m the Samantha in Bewitched  that could make them disappeared just by twitching my nose. If it means extra hard work for those to be cleared, I’m willing to twitch my nose all day just to make it happen. Of course, I know it wont happen cos I’m not any witch.

I’m feeling so meh now. 

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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