Candy Crush Saga

Apologies. I’ve been lazy, buzy, distracted. 

Well. I’ve been busy and distracted. 

If you’ve played or are playing Candy Crush, you’ll know why I get distracted. I’ve to say this game is addictive and also frustrating at the same time, especially when you get stuck at a level for more than 1 day, or when all you needed was one more extra move to complete the mission. 

Call me crazy or what, I lost sleep over Candy Crush at times. I was obsessed with it so much that sometimes when I close my eyes, all I saw was the blocks of candy crushing and chocolates breaking up and the word “Divine” kept playing in my head. 

Of course, if I need to put the game away for something that requires more of my attention, I would. For example, crossing the road. I’ve seen how some people would still have their eyes glued to the screen of their mobile phone and cracking their head on the game while crossing the road when an incoming car’s almost going to drive them over. 

So.. this is the reason why I paused my blogging for a while. 

Will be back soon for another entry. Next entry would be a food/photo entry! 


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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