Train Ride in Bangkok

Not much of inspirations these days to write on travel stuff. Maybe I need to travel to get more inspiration? I swear when I was traveling in Thailand, I had so much to write but it was so tough to type on my iPhone especially. I shouldn’t have left my iPad and portable keyboard at my aunt’s place in Penang. Remind me to share about this awesome portable keyboard!

Here’s a few tips if you’re traveling to Bangkok and plan to leave the city to another part in Thailand. Sharing with you from my experiences.

If you wanna save cost on taking taxi in the middle of the night, you may want to consider staying in hostels that’s near to Hualumphong Train Station. I had to take a train at 6.00am hence I decided to stay beside the train station. I’ve stayed twice in this cheap hostel named Baan Hualampong. I paid 200baht for a night for a four beds room with shared bathroom. The guy who works there (I think he’s the son of the owner) speaks good English. The people there are friendly and it is safe there. And it is just a 10 mins walk to the station.

Hualumphong Station @ 5.45am

Inside of Train Station

There are a few other guesthouses nearby. If you want to make things more exciting for you,  just walked in to any of them and try your luck.

Check the train tickets out early especially if you’re planning a trip into Malaysia. Last I was there, all tickets to Malaysia were sold out and the next available ticket was 7 days later. I had to spend a lot of money to getting myself a plane ticket to fly over to Penang. Sadly, they don’t sell their train tickets online. The same thing for Malaysia’s side, they don’t sell tickets to Bangkok online. Tickets available over the counter only.

You may want to arrive early as ticket counters may have longer queue than these…

Depending on where you’re heading to, some of the seats on the train are not comfortable. They are just wood planks. So you might wanna bring a travel neck pillow for yourself.

Prepare some dry food. While traveling to cross the borders over to Siem Reap from Aranyaprathet, I was glad that I had my some breads with me. There are some railway food sellers that would come onboard at some stations.. but I won’t recommend you to have them unless you’re prep for diarrhea onboard. I was traveling alone and I didn’t want to risk it.

Sit by the windows and you’ll love the views outside. From view of cities to sub-urban to rice padi fields, to burn tress to rising sun. It is beautiful and calming.

Pardon the dark spots.. those are dirt on the windows..

Alright, I gotta stop cos it is 4.42am here. Perhaps next blog I really should write about crossing over the Siem Reap from Aranyaprathet. Good night folks!

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