BTS (Sky Train) in Bangkok

You’ll be surprised by how accessible Bangkok is with his many modes of public transportations available. Here’s a list of transportation available. Depending on where you’re travelling to, you’ll need to use some of them.

  • Taxis
  • Bus
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Motorcycle (Taxi)
  • MRT (underground)
  • Sky Train (above ground)
  • River Taxi / Boat
  • Train

Here in Singapore, we only have taxis, MRT and buses. Motorcycle are for private use and not meant to be operated to provide ferrying services.

Anyway, I wanna share about the Sky Train that’s run by BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited). Take note that you’ll only find the sky train in Bangkok and not in any other part of Thailand.

You can get to most of the major shopping malls and eateries by Sky Train. One of my favorite stations would be the National Stadium station as the most famous shopping mall MBK (MakBoonKrong) is just right beside it! This shopping malls has almost everything you’ll ever need.

Anyway, you may buy a single trip ticket at their ticket machine that’s just at the station. Most of the ticket machine that I saw at the stations accepts just only coins of 5 baht and 10 baht. So get ready loose change if you’re buying ticket. If you don’t have any with you, just walk to the station counter and change your note with them.

The longer distance you travel, of course the higher the ticket fare. The lowest fare would be 15 baht which usually is a stop differences  of one or two stations. The highest fare would be 55 baht.

If you’re gonna be doing lots of rides on BTS the whole day, buying a day pass would be recommended. It costs 130 baht and you can have unlimited number of rides per day. It doesn’t make much sense if you’re out of your hotel at 3pm and buying a pass… unless you’re very sure you’re able to make the value worthwhile!

If you don’t want to queue up to buy ticket at the machine every time you take a ride on BTS, you may want to pay 300 baht get a Rabbit Card from the counter. Yes, you’ve read it right. RABBIT CARD. I don’t know why they would call it RABBIT!! Now I feel like hopping around. Anyway, it works very much like the EZ-Link card in Singapore. It is ver convenient because all you have to do is just scan/tap your card at the electronic gates at the station and you’re through! It will automatically deduct the fare off your card. Once you’ve finish up the value, you can top up at any BTS or other accepted modes. Not only can you use it on transportation, you may also use it a participating retail merchants.  Visit for more info!

Rabbit Card

Rabbit Card

Wong Wian Yai BTS Station

Wong Wian Yai BTS Station

 p/s: Will talk about the train up next!

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