Another one up in this concrete jungle

In Tarzan’s world, he will swing from tree to tree and even if he has fallen, he would have the big leaves and thick bushes of greens to cushion his fall and not kill him. Try swinging from building to building here in Singapore… Well my point isn’t that.. But that concrete jungle is taking my sanity away.

This morning while standing at the windows of the room at Sheraton Towers Hotel, ahead of me stood buildings and among these, there were constructing a few new ones which seems like new blocks of condominiums.

Hmmm, residence in the city? REALLY?!



Perhaps I’m a lover of the nature and that explains why I enjoy my times at the beach and out in the greens taking long walks.

I think I better get used to seeing buildings being constructed.. I swear I’ve never seen so much constructions in my whole life. There are building more flats in the estate that I’m living in. And why? Rising population!

In the past, Singapore is just the size of a “.” in the world map. I’m very sure she’s grown bigger especially we have so much more buildings built on reclaimed lands. Marina Garden By The Bay is one of them. Can you imagine the ground below used to be sea?!

I wonder would we all developed to be Hong Kong someday? I’ve been to Hong Kong and I everything there except for the buildings. It is an overpopulated country, hence apartments are small and extremely expensive due to limited land space.

Let’s hope we won’t turn to be like that too!

P/S: Sheraton Tower is located on Scotts Road, 10 minutes walk from Singapore most famous shopping area – Orchard Road.

PP/S: Will be going to Marina Garden By The Bay for their Tulipmania Flora Display which ends on 20 May 2013!


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