Back on Koh Lanta

I was in Phuket to meet my friends who were there for their holiday. Phuket is a holiday destination and people are there just to enjoy. I ditched my “travel on shoestring” idea and spent my time there like a holiday maker.

Total damage for four days came around USD$600. That doesn’t include a 4 stars hotel stay which my friends gladly invited me to bunk in at.

Phuket was never in my itinerary. I was just there to meet my friends just so that I could get some sanity. Meeting up with people I know, talking about stuffs back home in my own language has never felt so good.

Koh Lanta is very near to Phuket. Takes two ferry to reach and I decided why not? This visit would be my third. Anyway, I’ve decided to end my holiday as my spine has a misalignment and it is torturing me every second even in sleep. So I thought I could pamper myself by going back to a place I love.

When I arrived, it had rained for four days. The whole place looked gloomy with the overcast in the skies. It is the beginning of the low season. Lots of shops are closed and the number of tourists have dropped tremendously. This isn’t the Lanta that I know. It is so quiet that I thought I’m on the wrong island.

Popped by at my regular bar to say hello to my local friends. It always feel good to say hello to them again.

The good thing about low season is the beach is quieter and less crowded… But the sea waves are stronger hence making it harder to swim in the sea…

My friends have all gone home and work their ass off and save up $ for next season. I was thinking to myself it is time I return home to find a job and save $ too.

So from now till then, I’m gonna lay in the beach and get myself tanned as much as possible…

Reality, it’s coming soon…




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