Siem Reap: Beautiful and yet depressing

I decided to head out to experience the night life in this city.

Was out at 10.30pm to look for food. Food ranges from as cheap as USD$2-USD$7, depends on where you eat. I picked a street stall round the corner across the busy Pub Street. I had fried pork with rice and that cost me USD$2.50. I suspect that’s a price for foreigner cos I saw one local had a fried rice take-away and he paid USD$2.

After dinner, I headed to a restaurant and bar. What attracted me was the live music. She was singing a song and she sounded nice. I don’t know title of song. Got up and had a big bottle of Leo beer at US$3 (I tipped USD$1, so it costed me US$4). The female singer wore a skirt so short that I swear if she bends over, you could see her *sweetness*. Wearing a low cut straps top, and a push up bra that turned out so bad, she had her mic in her hand, eyes on lyrics sheet and she was singing … I forgot what was it. Then the singing started to get worse. However, she could really dance very well, shaking her boms, flicking her hair from left to right, and right to left, attempting to look sexy. I’m not sure if she was pouting her lips when she wasn’t singing. Thankfully the live band plays decently hence people could still dance to the beats.

Behind me were seated two couple. Two old Caucasians who looked like they are stepping into their sixties and they had two local girls with them. At first, from first glance when I approached my table, the local girls looked like they were my age. After settling down, I notice they are barely 18yrs old. Their bodies are not even fully developed at all! No boobs, no curves! And still have face of a child! To give benefits of doubts, maybe they are 18years of of maximum. Girls couldn’t even speak proper English. And one of the old man was holding her hand and I heard him say (more of lip read) “you are very sweet”. The girls response was a smile and she looked down at the table.

What your first reaction to this if you were me?

First thing that pops in my head, “prostitution”. Ok, I am not fully against prostitution but it disgusts me that men (especially old man) going for young girls who are of young age.

While i was on the tuk-tuk on my way back to my guesthouse, I saw a homeless family sleeping on the streets. The family is made up of a mother and four children ranging from 2-8years old. And only one child was wearing slippers. what was their pillow? A thrash bag filled with items. i had no idea whats inside. And this was just right across the streets where groups of foreigners and locals are partying hard and making merry. Such a distinct difference!

Where is the humanity in this city? Locals scamming foreigners and foreigners exploiting the rights of the poor people here?!

This is a beautiful city yet depressing at the same time.

It reminded me of my trip to Phnom Penh last year. I know I need to do something to get myself distracted from such depressing thoughts.

I should go catch a movie on my iPad.

20130411-011603.jpgSinger at the bar

20130411-011616.jpgTourists and locals having a game of “Tug of War” at Pub Street


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