Welcome to Siem Reap!

“Suis-day!” Is the Cambodian greetings.

I’ve arrived safe and sound in Siem Reap, and also found myself a really nice budget hotel. Before leaving Bangkok, I was sharing with my new friends that I would book myself a nice place during my three days’ stay in Siem Reap.

I was meant to go to Wat Bo road to check European Guesthouse out as it was recommended by my German friends who had stayed there during the trip here last year. But after crossing the borders, I made new friends at the terminal and I also learned that the area where they are headed to have lots of nice and cosy budget hotels. It was also cheaper to share the transportation. Besides, I enjoyed both company of Kevin and David.

When we got to the guesthouse that they have booked, it was already fully booked. And for convenience sake, I popped over to the guesthouse next door. The instance I walked past the entrance, I saw the pool in the open and was thinking it would be expensive. But I couldn’t care much cos it is the new year period for Cambodian soon, hence most places might be booked. And I said to myself, anything below SGD$20, I would take! Indeed, turned out to be just US$12 for a double bed with fan and private bathroom!

So here I am, tired from the traveling and yet happy to I’ve found a nice place. Im So happy that I totally forgot I was upset with the transportation arranged after crossing border.

Crossing border is easy peasy but can be annoying at the same time. Will save that bitching in another entry when I get back home. Typing on iPhone can be quite tiring, especially when I have a long entry to do!







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