An unexpected stop in Kui Buri

If you are reading this, it means the 3G network in Thailand is awesome!

The time now is 11.08am in Thailand, or 12.08pm Malaysia time. That means I’ve travelled on the train for 21hrs!

The train broke down earlier on and we stopped for about an hr at Kui Buri. The Thai people onboard were not upset at all. The Thai lady who is traveling with her daughter spoke Cantonese and invited us to join her to have tea and brunch while waiting for the train to be fixed.

So together with the other young travelers from Penang whom I’ve made friends with last night, we got off the cabin and headed to the shops just 50m away from the rail tracks.

Upon reaching the coffee shop, I saw the train stewards all seated and having ice coffee. No frowned eyebrows but smiles on face. No stress.

Over the table, we compared prices between Malaysia and Thailand. We chatted and there were laughers mainly. I fell on my butt as i sat on a already broken chair. All of us laughed it off, including myself.

The Thai lady let us Tried chicken kidney stirred fried with chili pepper. And we carried on with price comparisons. It was an enjoyable meal and there was no rush I getting anywhere else.

The train just stopped at Hua Hin. Three more stops and then we will reach Bangkok.

I’m gonna publish this post, put my iPhone and enjoy the remaining of my train ride with beautiful countryside scenes rolling by.

Have a good day all!





About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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