Wai Wai

Spent three days with my lovely nephew who adores me so much, who grows to become so clingy to me, who shouts for “Aunty Sam” whenever he loses sight of me. Love him to bits and he amazes me with his intelligence and sense of awareness of his environment for his age! He’s turning two years old this coming May!

He woke up this morning to my voice as I was chatting with his mother (my cousin) in my room and, he walked over to my room and rubbed his eyes, took a careful look at the surroundings, gave me a sleepy smile and muttered “iPad”. Damn, I was expecting at least a morning kiss or greeting from him.

So he climbed into my bed and I turned the iPad on and played the Pocoyo (Sleepy Bird’s Egg)  episode. It’s the fifth time I was watching that. He enjoys it all the time and responses to all the questions and cheers and songs etc. (Yawn)

Whatever, I still enjoy having with him around cos he’s such a darling.

Will be driving down to KL tomorrow with the old  folks and won’t be seeing him until Sunday. We’ll see if he still remembers Aunty Sam!

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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