Ex-staff said hello

One of the part timers who once worked for me PM me on Facebook tonight.

Late hours. I wasn’t expecting my laptop to have beep from the messages.

Was surprise to receive message from Quan. The conversation page showed the last message sent to him was in 2011. That was when he stopped working for me and went to serve the country. He just ORD-ed this month.

Time flies.

And my god, how I lost track of time when I was at work.

It’s nice to talk to him again. Reminded me of the good times I had during my employment with my former company.(I chose to remember the good times.)  Oh yeah, he’s one of those whom I can safely schedule him for work and not worry about anything at all.

I was blessed in some ways.

4 days more to mark 2 months of unemployment. I still miss work at times, but not as much as when before.

Life is beautiful. As always.


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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