MOV 2013 – What’s behind the masks?

Behind the mask, what do you see?

Behind the mask, what do you see?

I’ve been away from CampVision‘s activities for quite a while due to work and personal commitment.

Knowing that I’ll be away for the next few months, I’ve decided to turn up at one of the activities – MOV (Ministry of Vision) rehearsal this afternoon. MOV is a platform for the youths to express their thoughts / views of their own life, or anything. It is also the chance where they make use of their creativity and also team work to put all’s ideas together into a play.

I remember MOV 2012 was how I got myself involved in CampVision again. Back then, I did mostly photography work. Attended a few “brainstorming” sessions with the youths. I had spent quite a good amount of time interacting with the youths and had real fun.

MOV 2013 is run by one of my best buddy Adrian this year! I like his idea of using masks as the subject for this upcoming play!

Everyone of us wear either a mask or many mask to hide our emotions away. We could be wearing a mask of happiness to hide our sadness away. Some of us wear a mask of independence when we are with our family just to show that everything’s all right.

What kind of mask do you wear, and how do you behave when you are with different group of friends?

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