Day #18 of unemployment: Still a blessing


I thought hard if I should ever mention about my unemployment in the blogosphere as friends suggested that it may become a bad reference for my future employers. They will question why did I go into such a long period of unemployment etc.

I thought hard amd I still decided to blog about it cos I wanna have my blessings and such wonderful experience penned down. Not that being unemployed is a wonderful experience, but the luxury of freedom and time that comes with it makes it great. Anyway, it is subjective to each and everyone.

I don’t how many days of holiday is considered long. I used to think one week off from work is long. A lot of friends are asking when does my holiday end? I always like to reply “Infinite”. Of course, to be able to enjoy such life disaster you need to be prepared for it. One of my girlfriends said I must have saved alot to prepare for such long holiday. This “infinite” holiday comes with a price to pay – leading a frugal life. Lifestyle has to change. The cab rides got cut down by 95% instantly.

I didn’t rush to complete anything in the past 18 days except rush to catch the last train or last bus home. I spoilt myself by spending the longest time to wake up every morning (or rather afternoon), except for the days during CNY as The Empress Dowager would drag me out of bed to run errands or to do house visits. I’m not on a tight schedule to rush from one place to another. And also, I take my own sweet time to fall sick and recover as well.

Freedom has never been this sweet before! Im worried that I’m addicted to this sweetness and not want to let go! =p

Day #18 of unemployment, I still find it a blessing to be able to make this entry in my bedroom while waiting for the laundry to be done in the washing machine and thinking at the same time if i should have something light before I make my way for my yoga lesson at 3pm.

Have a good working week ahead peeps! xx

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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