Time spent with Empress Dowager


My beloved old folks were returning back to Penang after spending a week here in Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The whole family were at the airport to send them off.

The airport was just one stop away from Changi City Point (EXPO MRT Station), hence I suggested to have a walk at the mall to the Empress Dowager. Another reason why I suggested that was she probably have never been there before.

Total damage done for shopping was approx $500 but it was worth it cos it was a good time spent with her. My whole life, I can count the total number of times spent shopping with her. Well, shopping isnt the main thing.. it is spending time with her.

We had junk food, which my brother forbids her.  I spoil her all the junk food I could get for both of us whenever I get to spend time with her. She’s like a child, excited to try new food, food she has never been exposed to, or never want to try cos she finds them a splurge. A bubble tea to her is a splurge. Of course, I watch the amount of food she eat. I usually am the one eating more.

Yes, the amount of food we had yesterday – enough to eat for 2 days.

I’m excited as we’re going on a holiday together soon.


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Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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