Need a change

I’m excited!

Going for a 10 days Bikram Yoga introductory class with Rachel today!

I’ve always wanted to do yoga but haven’t got the Chance or time to it! My bumming days are ending soon as I will be a traveller in one to two weeks time once I’ve settled the stuff I wanna settle here in singapore.

I look forward to being at makmak stalls chatting with my friends in KL, giggling with my nephew in Penang, hitting roadside food stalls in Bangkok, strolling on the beaches in Krabi with the sun setting in background…

I know I have previously planned a train ride across SEA..but decided now that I should take things in my stride and go wherever I’m ready and not care about anything. My journey of holiday is starting soon!

Friends, if you like, catch me before I leave to give me ur blessings!

About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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