A new start all over again

New year, new start.

This year marks the last year of me being a 20 odd plus woman. I’m stepping into the big 30. Look foward to it? Nah. Loathe it? Nah.

I have left my company which Ive worked for the past three years. I would say it was a good decision cos I’m enjoying the freedom I have right now. My lifestyle changed immediately. I’m no longer constantly on my phone textinng or making phone calls, and I’m not wearing my watch anymore to keep track of time every 5 – 10 mins.

Made some travel plans and can’t wait to embark on this journey. It is not just a journey of exploring countries, soaking myself in different cultures, savouring different cuisines, getting pissed at some cheap local pubs… it is also a journey of self discovery, again.

2013 has been kind to me thus far.

My relationship with family has grown so much better. My brother and I are on talking terms again, and I hope this is not just a temporary change. Its really nice and heart warming when my brother offered to bring my boyfriend around when I was not free. Or that through little gestures, he showed that he cared.

I’m more opened up to my mother about my life. I’ve grown to be more patient with her. I shared alot with her on my drinking experiences just over one McDonald breakfast. I hope my patience with the naggy Empress Dowager will last till the end. She was glad that I finally left my job and she encouraged me to start something of my own. She even offered cash! Those of you who know her, you know she is a woman who’s down to earth, who scrimped and saved every penny so that her children could have a better life. Those are her hard earn $$. Anyway, she mentioned about travelling to Taiwan for holiday sometime soon. Trip to Hainan with Uncle and Aunt is in the planning too. I’m enjoying this moment!

Also, I’m attached to the sweetest and most loving man I have ever meet in my entire life. Times when I think back during my last week of work, I was glad he was there with me. I’ve never felt so complete as a person cos of another person. I’ve never been able to be myself in front of any man but him. Everyday when I think of him, I thank the One above for letting me meet him at the bar last year, and also for the courage to make moves to want to be back on the island again this year.. I always believe that good things are worth the long wait. Trev is probably one of the reasons why I suffered so many heartbreaks in the past so that I wouldn’t end up with the wrong guy but with him!

I’m not in a hurry to get a job. In fact, I’m thinking of laying myself off work for a year. If I ever need cash, I can always fall back on doing some freelance work here and there. But let’s see.. cos I know there will be one day when I get sick of sitting at home bumming around.

Chinese New Year’s round the corner. Have a good reunion everyone. If you can’t be there, make a phone call back.


About Sammie Leo

Taking a break and travelling a bit.
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